101 Greener Travel Tips

Green Travel Tips

As part of Green Week, today’s post is all about greener travel tips. Travel is a big part of my life; it’s my passion and hopefully my new career. As I prepare for my RTW (round-the-world) trip later this year I’ve being paying more attention to being “GREEN” and how to decrease my carbon footprint. But enough talk, here is a list of 101 Greener Travel Tips (If you have additional tips, please share them with the rest of us by leaving a comment). These tips are in no particular order, they were recorded as they come to mind, or were suggested by some of my twitter followers.

1. Walking is one of the best ways to be green. There’s no carbon footprint involved and it’s great exercise!
2. Ride Shares/ Local Buses are another way to decrease your carbon footprint. Flying is sometimes essential, but cutting back on flights and traveling overland as much as possible is ideal.
3. Research your hotel and hostel options and make greener choices. Do they use chemicals? Do they waste water? Some hotels even offer incentives for turning down maid service during your stay.
4. Use organic clothing with natural or eco-friendly dyes.
5. Bring a water bottle and water filtration kit. Avoid buying and throwing away bottles if possible.
6. Use biodegradable toiletries
7. Wash your clothes only when necessary. Don’t waste water if you can reuse your clothing, unless you’re sweating like a pig, you can probably get away with wearing your t-shirt or pants more than once before washing them.
8. Buy eco-friendly travel gear from companies like Patagonia.
9. Use eco-friendly pencils instead of pens.
10. Do NOT litter, EVER! If there is no trash bin near by, carry it with you until you find one.

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