Flanerie Kerfuffle

Wednesday weebly-wobbles whipped up by too much desk jockeying? I'm with you. Time for a spot of flânerie! I hope you'll join me for a meander beyond the margin!

First let's catch up with Alexis Lee Ortiz for a Kubota Garden tunnel.

Flânerie with orejonejo

while the revelers are in it to win... i shall be in the midst of tree and peace... a marvelous wander... the Kubota Gardens... hope to one day have my own garden as winding and beautiful! ~ Alexis Lee Ortiz (orejonejo)

An artist's garden path need not be owned or hemmed or even tended. Unless, of course, it does. Good luck, ALO! But why all the kerfuffle? Onward to The London Lounge for a dip into chatter about The Alpha-Flaneur.

Balzac said that flaner was "gastronomy of the eyes." It is a verb that means to walk the streets in the creative process, study and observation of the world, man and his manners to an artistic end (poetry, painting, dramatic study, or novel writing to name a few.) ... There is absolutely nothing "idle" about the verb flaner. It is a highly charged, active, and creative state of an artist. ~ Alden (thelondonlounge.net)

This idle descriptor, dread vision of the detractors, persists. But not among the cognoscenti. But again I'll sidestep the flaneur kerfuffle and wander onward, this time to Fête de la Musique à Châteauroux.

What's your most recent fllânerie escapade?