Adirondacks: Extreme Cross-Country Skiing

Lake Colden on cross-country skis (Photo by Alan Wechsler, Adirondack Almanack)

I enjoyed reading Alan Wechsler's posting at Adirondack Almanack about what he dubs "extreme cross-country skiing": ski routes that you're unlikely to find listed in guidebooks. Whether because the routes are long, exceptionally difficult, or require supplementary gear like skins or snowshoes, "extreme cross-country skiing" is not well documented or publicized.

Wechsler describes one particularly challenging escapade from Upper Works, up to Indian Pass, between Iroquois and Marshall, back down to Lake Colden and back out again. Skiing, snowshoeing and tempting fate got him through despite the challenges. "The ski out was icy and intimidating. But it was a great adventure."

And there are other great adventures too! If you enjoy backcountry skiing, then this is a must read!