Dream of the Toad


"The Music of Nature is a coalition of talented videographers, recordists, photographers, writers, and musicians dedicated to celebrating nature — especially the native birds, frogs and toads, insects, reptiles, and mammals of the United States and Canada. Our emphasis is on nature near at hand, nature that is accessible, that is found within a short distance from where we live. Our goal is to help you fall in love with nature, in all its manifestations, so that you will take the time to go outdoors to look, listen, smell, touch, taste, and feel." (via The Music of Nature)

Tell me this video doesn't make you yearn for summer! For those of you who've never enjoyed this spring/summer sound, this is one of the sounds of summer in the Adirondacks... Actually, on Monday evening when I got home I could hear the toads courting. Summer come early?