Lake Champlain Polar Bear Plunge on March 19

A couple of months ago my bride informed me that we were going to host a polar bear plunge. In Lake Champlain. In March!

A what? When? Why?

"It's a benefit for Planned Parenthood," she explained. "Trust me. It's important. It'll be fun."

"I trust you," I said. "But I'm not plunging!"


"Really." Definitive. No hesitant urge-me-a-little-more-and-I-might-reconsider tone in my voice. "But I'll document you..."


Yesterday, with plenty of ice still on Lake Champlain and the water and air temperatures both hovering around 33 degrees centigrade, the plungers (and far more plunger oglers and supporters) amassed at Rosslyn boat house under bluebird skies and light winds. What follows is a loosely curated "scrapbook" commemorating the event.