To the Slow movement what Das Kapital is to communism

For all those Canadians checking in having seen the CBC documentary, the Globe and Mail recently wrote this about Under Pressure:

“A look at the mismanagement of the contemporary child: overprotected, overindulged, over-stimulated. An indispensable, anecdotal, comnmonsensical guide to why our kids are depressed, lazy and fat, and what we can do about it.”

Last week, the Financial Times urged its readers to pick up a copy of In Praise of Slow. It said the book “is to the Slow movement what Das Kapital is to communism.” And they meant it as a compliment. At least I think they did….Decide for yourself by reading more here.

A couple of timely accolades for Carl Honore, author of 'In Praise of Slow'.