Tips on Packing for Your Next Trip

So you are going on vacation, and you have all of your travel plans confirmed -- flight times, hotel check-in and check-out times, pamphlets and brochures on sightseeing excursions, and the travelers checks and passport have been tucked away in a safe place. What about packing, asks AP9 SimpleEscapes, a travel discount membership program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC? You now have to try and fit a week or two's worth of clothing, personal care items, and accessories into a suitcase -- all while making every effort to stay within your baggage and weight limits as directed by the airline. Have no fear. AP9 SimpleEscapes is here to offer you a few packing tips that are sure to ease the stress of packing so you can relax and enjoy your time away. AP9 SimpleEscapes wants you to pack smart by following these simple packing pointers: 1. Contact with the airline before you start to pack to find out how many bags you can check and the maximum weight of each bag. As you are packing, please keep in mind that you may be purchasing souvenirs or additional clothing -- for yourself or loved ones. There is nothing more frustrating than to arrive at baggage check to find that you have to pay an additional fee because your bags are over the weight regulation. 2. Find out what the 5 to 7 day forecast will be in the area you will be staying -- day and night. Lay out everything you want to bring before packing, grouping like items. Do not fold them -- roll them up. This not only saves space but helps prevent wrinkles -- saving you from the hassle of heavy ironing. 3. Pack lots of T-shirts or tank tops because they can be used as nightshirts, swimsuit cover-ups, and as work-out tops if you want to take a long walk, run on the beach or use the hotel fitness center. 4. Bring a garbage bag and bags you can reseal to keep your dirty and wet clothing in. This will make your travel home much easier. If you are left with a few pieces of clean clothes, the bags will keep the clean ones separated from the soiled and wet ones. You may also want to bring a few dryer sheets to help keep your suitcase smelling great. 5. To prevent leaks from shampoos, toothpaste or makeup, put them in zippered plastic bags and pack heavy items such as shoes, jeans and jackets on the bottom of your suitcase. AP9 SimpleEscapes members can log on to DealPass to find exceptional savings by booking all their travel needs as well as purchasing gift cards for popular restaurants and retail stores at a 20% discount, which can be used towards the purchase of music, books, DVDs and dinner while on vacation. Have a relaxing, fun and safe trip, concludes AP9 SimpleEscapes.