USB Rechargeable Batteries

rechargeable batteries
USB Rechargeable Batteries (via Off Track Planet)

Rechargeable batteries can get a little pricey but their longevity is worth the extra cost (plus recycling batteries in this way is good for the environment, so score). After plugging them into any USB port with a power source, USB Cell’s rechargeable batteries get a second life. The charger is embedded into the battery so when the top is taken off, and they’re plugged in, you’re good to go. Make sure to keep them safe (perhaps in the indestructible case?) as just two cost about as much as twenty alkalines. (Off Track Planet)

There are lots of "Oh, wow, that's perfect!" travel gizmos and gadgets featured in Andrew Butlers "The 10 Most Useful Travel Gadgets of 2010" but my favorite -- hands down -- is USB rechargeable batteries. Great idea! I know, I know, nowadays we're usually focused on going the other way: recharging our laptops, PDAs, mobile phones and iPods via external backup batteries. And sure, that's important, but just think what a lifesaver it could be to be able to rob some power from your laptop to get your camera/shaver/etc. re-juiced in a pinch. You with me? Smart, no? Check out the other nine must-have travel gadgets over at Off Track Planet.