Witch's Rock Surf Camp

I guess you could say I got lucky. Or you could say we worked really hard doing something that we truly loved and believed in: SURFING.

However you look at it, Witch's Rock Surf Camp's story is a unique one and should be told. So where do I start?

Baja 1996 | Surfing Blacks | Pool Street

I started surfing when I was 16 years old. By age 19 I owned this 1978 VW camper van and spent at least one weekend each month surfing somewhere in Baja. All I wanted to do was explore and find great waves. I learned that I loved the Latin culture and that someday I might end up somewhere south of the border.

I traveled to Costa Rica when I was 20 years old for a month and a half. The water was warm, the people were great, and the surf was amazing. The idea of driving a boat to Witch's Rock every day seemed like a pretty good idea. I figured I should go ahead and finish my college degree at UCSD before making the move.

Wandered into Witch's Rock with Brian today. He knows folks, is pitching a story on the owner, fist bumped the surfing coaches... Good vibe. Great story! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to exit the grind and head off to a surfing camp for a month or two? What's holding you back?!?!