10 Greatest Travellers of All Time

Aphra BehnIt seems rather subjective at best to rank history's top travellers, but this Independent article, "10 Greatest Travellers of All Time", grabbed my attention nonetheless. And frankly, even if the goal's a little overambitious, it's grounds for great debate.
"While there is some consensus about the greatest movie ever (Citizen Kane) and best pop record (Bohemian Rhapsody), opinion is divided on the top explorer. In a bid to discover the Orson Welles/Freddie Mercury of the travel world - and provoke a bit of healthy debate - Wanderlust asked a selection of experts to pick the person who they believe has most changed the way we travel. This is the final top 10, counting down to the best traveller of all time."
Here's who they came up with. Anybody you want to add? 10. APHRA BEHN (1640-1689) 9. MICHAEL PALIN (1943-) 8. YURI GAGARINtarget="_blank" (1934-1968) 7. FRIDTJOF NANSEN (1861-1930) 6. CHARLES DARWIN (1809-1882) 5. CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS (1451-1506) 4. IBN BATTUTA (1304-1368 OR 1377) 3. SIR RICHARD BURTON (1821-1890) 2. XUANZANG (602-644 OR 664) 1. CAPTAIN JAMES COOK (1728-1779)