Travel Digest

Sometimes I realize that I've flagged too many things to blog and that the list is getting longer and I'm not catching up, so... I have to decide either to dump all the leads I wanted to blog or offer them up in mini-form. Here's my decision:
  • Free Frequent Flyer Miles - "There are many, many ways to acquire free frequent flyer miles without actually flying on the airline giving you the miles. I list my favorites on this site. To view the offers, click on each of the categories in the menu to the left..."
  • Travelroots - Travelroots offers responsible eco-tourism holidays and adventure holidays to destinations across the world with one thing in common: all holidays contribute positively to the areas in which they work... This means that your holiday does good to the environment and people you visit, you'll enjoy a better holiday that doesn't cost you any more.
  • Responsible Travel - 1000s adventure holidays, family holidays, adventure holidays, ecotourism, responsible travel and gap years.
  • Sustainable Travel International - Promoting responsible tourism, supporting sustainable development, and helping travelers and travel providers protect the cultures and environments they visit.
So what do you think? Good links? Feel free to add a comment with your thoughts.