China's homegrown wine scene

My two previous visits had been in 2002 and 2008 and on the second I had been deeply depressed by the fact that, while the rest of the world was making better wine with every vintage, the quality of the Chinese wine seemed to have stagnated.

Street Food: skewered grasshoppers

A "bouquet" of skewered grasshoppers (Photo by Boaz Meiri)

In Search of the Holistic Vasectomy

Lake Lugu, in China’s Northern Yunan Province; home of the aboriginal Mosuo tribe, the last purely matriarchal people left in China. The Mosuo are best known for their practice of walking marriage, a form of poly-amoury in which the women – masters of the household – chose their lovers for the evening from among the men of the tribe. Children are raised semi-communally, taking the mother’s name and living in the mother’s home.

Far East Coast, China

Far East Coast, China

Better Left Unsaid

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