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Amsterdam ...

And so we returned to Belgie only to be back out on the road within 24 hours ... The 150km drive to Amsterdam turned into a 200km trip due to a closed piece of highway and a road lacking signage. We travelled about 60km without any kind of reassuring 'Amsterdam' indicators ... ahhh like Belgium, it seems the Netherlands runs light when it comes to marking the way. We arrived at the hotel and caught the train into the city.

Catching Jen Leo: Nana Chen Interviews Prize-Winning Travel Editor, Writer and Starlet

Have you read the Jen Leo interview yet? It's not too late. Not yet. In it she talks about how she got started, the inevitable struggle, her book tours, and on the more personal side: managing a relationship with a career that keeps her away from home. Yet, Jen does it. Read how the prize-winning travel editor, writer and starlet got started in this very competitive travel writing industry.
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