Volunteering + Touring = Voluntouring!

"More than ever, community development, environmental and wildlife conservation projects around the world need the support of active travelers who are willing to take the time to understand what is needed and how they can help. Our programs are designed with great care so that everyone genuinely benefits while having fun learning about each other’s cultures." (Richard G. Edwards, Director of Planeterra via travelinggreener.com)

Planeterra, a global non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable community development through travel, has added these eleven new volunteer projects:

  • Project Argentina
  • Project Cuzco Kids
  • Project Ecuador Family Adventure
  • Project Ecuador Highlands
  • Project El Salvador
  • Project Galapagos
  • Project Peru Amazon
  • Project China
  • Project Nepal
  • Project Cambodia and Laos
  • Project South Africa and Overland Adventure

Check out TravelingGreener.com for more information.