An adventure is an activity or enterprise that potentially is fraught with risk, danger and excitement. Adventurer André Malraux asked, "If a man is not ready to risk his life, where is his dignity?" And Helen Keller warned, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Although the term adventure often is used to describe activities with some potential for physical or psychological danger, adventurous experiences create psychological and physiological arousal. For this reason many people adventure becomes a major pursuit in and of itself.

Amelia Earhart said, "Adventure is worthwhile in itself." Do you agree?

Affirmative! I read you loud and clear...
82% (1972 votes)
Not so quick! Look where it got Amelia...
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Total votes: 2398

In Transit

“Turbulence is normal,” I said, feigning more assurance than I felt as the plane banked and shuddered across the sky between Dhaka and Calcutta.
Jen-Pei and I had met while travelling across Asia and had fallen into a relationship, a result of the joy of discovery, loneliness and the forced intimacy of budget travel.

In Search of the Holistic Vasectomy

Lake Lugu, in China’s Northern Yunan Province; home of the aboriginal Mosuo tribe, the last purely matriarchal people left in China. The Mosuo are best known for their practice of walking marriage, a form of poly-amoury in which the women – masters of the household – chose their lovers for the evening from among the men of the tribe. Children are raised semi-communally, taking the mother’s name and living in the mother’s home.

Naked Southwest

It was inevitable. Like falling in love again. Like sunrise after a long, dream-filled night. Like the sort of deep satisfaction discovered in a bowl of green chile stew after four years of Brie and foi gras! It was inevitable that my return to the Southwest after four years in Paris would rejuvenate me, no, would plunge me headlong into the thrill and dazzle of naked living…

Ducking Through Scandinavia

My friend Amelie and I were discussing our respective travel-bugs and our never-ending competition to visit at least one new country each year. When she suggested that we both travel somewhere, anywhere, together,

I whimsically accepted the offer. The conversation went something like this...

Spring Skiing Stratton and Whistler, Part I

My buddy, Chris, works in Burlington, Vermont for Burton, and each spring he heads off to Stratton Mountain Resort in southern Vermont for the US Open Snowboarding Championships.

Twelve Dawns in Trinyi

There was a soft tinkling and a slight shuffling. Everything was a blue black, the color of cold dawn, and I denied that it was time to move out of my warmth. The huge wooden doors to the prayer room opened and let in more dark air and cold mountain wind that plunged into the room. Ma muttered softly in Tibetan as she did every morning when all was dark. It was her way of summoning me for breakfast. It was 4:30, and wind flew through the mountain corridors; invisible and powerful. My bedroom smelled of wood and incense, and was adorned with pictures of the Dalai Lama and Buddhist deities.

Zimbabwe: Falling Over Victoria

Zimbabwe’s long list of attractions enticed me: The scenery, the chance to go on a safari, the chance to do the world's highest freestanding bungee jump. But above all, it was the opportunity to see the Victoria Falls. I remember being overwhelmed by the power of Niagara Falls years before, and being astonished to hear of the African wonder that was even more impressive. This I had to see for myself, and what better way than on a joyride flight over the Falls?

What's Hot in Adventure Travel?

What a day! I wrapped up with a meta-seminar called "What's Hot in Adventure Travel?" featuring four destinations, each presented by different representatives. Greece: Colleen McGuire, CycleGreece Bhutan: Dr.

Adventure Travel Bargains

Check out Josh Roberts' article "The 10 best bargains in adventure travel today" if you want some great pointers for where you should be planning to travel next.

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