Vacation Rentals Umbria, Rome and Bologna

La Bella Italia! Head off to Italy on your next vacation. We've introduced four new properties in three top Italian destinations: Umbria, Rome and Bologna. Check out all four Italian vacation rentals! With plenty to recommend each one, the real question is would you rather relax on an Umbrian country estate, dine-oh-so-fine in Bologna or wander the mythical streets of Rome? Take a look: At Fattoria Spinola, built as a convent during the Middle-Ages and transformed into an impressive Umbrian farm estate, these rentals will spoil you...

Catskill Mountains: Rustic Retreat

Somehow I managed to delete this old entry, so here it is again... If you haven't read Evelyn Gilbert's "Rustic Retreat", this is the time to check it out: The towering Catskill Mountains cradle Sullivan County, creating the bucolic backdrop for this no-frills, affordable retreat. The New Age Health Spa in Neversink, New York has the delightfully reminiscent feel of summer camp. But this getaway isn’t geared towards kids; it’s for grown-ups who are looking to get fit and healthy, or who are seeking a haven for rejuvenation...

Beijing in the Time of SARS

Another glorious, sunshine-y day in the Adirondacks. A dusting of snow last night has filled in the areas where old snow melted. And now the sky is blue and the snow-covered world is a million sparkling diamonds. Life's busy on the Margaux Project. Soliciting new rental properties and working on the third issue of the newsletter (Subscribe here!). Actually the first for 2004, but the third since we began. One last story for you to read (if you haven't already) from the first e-Marginalia online journal is Charlie's reflection, "Beijing in the Time of SARS", a story as thoughtful as it is perceptive. Check it out:

California: Wine Country Uncorked

We were buried again! Over a foot and a half of fresh powder fell last night. And, we declared a snow day to sled and play in the snow. Feeling a little guilty now that I'm back at my desk making sure that a few essentials get taken care of, but all in all, it was a splendid way to celebrate the second big snowfall of the season. Now, back to work, including getting the newsletter polished off so that it can be sent out on the 21st. A good issue packed with highly readable material and a special deal. You haven't subscribed yet? Click here and follow the simple directions. We'll email you a confirmation which you need to complete and then you're "in the club". If you take care of it in the next couple of days, you'll receive our last issue of 2003...

Cornwall, England: View from the Sun

You may have noticed the cool update on here since my last entry. Beneath each new blog entry there is a comment option where you can add your feedback. Try it out by clicking on the Comment link below. A popup window will permit you to read other comments and add your own. Have you checked out Nancy Koan's "View from the Sun"? It's a light hearted piece of journalism, reenacting the days leading up to a solar eclipse in Cornwall, England. She uses an entertaining voice to tell her amusing tale, and I suspect if you read it, you'll want to recommend it to someone. Just a guess...

e-Marginalia Newsletter

Have you joined the e-Marginalia newsletter yet? Helloooooooo.... What are you waiting for? The new issue comes out in a week. To get it zipped off to you email inbox absolutely free, be sure to sign up now!. You'll thank us for it ;-) Lots of readers continue to stream into e-Marginalia to enjoy the travel stories and photographs. So what's my latest recommendation? Well, you know our whims run to the quirky, but just to keep you slightly off kilter, today's recommendation is outright erudite. That's right, Marta Steele's "Psychology of the Traveler" is a thoughtful rumination on the soft underbelly of the traveler archetype. She is a super perceptive connection-maker, and her reflection weaves together a somewhat abstract but totally engaging web to snare the wander impulse once and for all. Just she capture it? It's an elusive subject, to be sure, but you may be surprised what she's come up with.

e-Marginalia Travel Stories

Another busy week. Preparing a half dozen new listings which will begin to appear online in the next week as soon as our fearless webmaster completes another round of upgrades this weekend. Don't worry, the sites running fine. She's just making a few things better! Lots of readers continue to stream into e-Marginalia to enjoy the travel stories and photographs. I hope that all of you who were chosen for publication are pleased with the popularity of your pieces. Tasneem and Nick Lawrence are forging ahead in a battle for top position in our three-month popularity contest, but a third story, "Exploring Italy by Train", by Nancy DiDio, has effortlessly drafted into third place. This is a delightful tale of wandering around la bella Italia by rail with a pack and a good sense of adventure. There are some delightfully amusing anecdotes in this story. It's a must read if you haven't visited yet.

e-Margaux Auction

eBay Auctions Vacation Rental Listing on We are trying out a listing at eBay, "the world's marketplace", to see if there might be some vacation rental owners who are looking for an advertisement. A bit of an experiment, really. It's difficult to know what sort of marketplace to expect, but time will tell.
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