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Burning Man Festival

On the calendar for next year: The Burning Man Festival. This multidimensional installation/performance art festival which is held each fall for a week ago in the Nevada desert drew around 25,000 people this year. Each time it grows larger, and too much larger and it will probably begin to lose its counter-cultural, grass roots funkiness. So the time to go is now. Check out this magnificent “view” and be sure to click your mouse on the image once it appears and drag your self around. Up, down, round and round. Splendid. Wish I’d been there this year.

Navigating Turbulent Skies

We all worry about it. The airlines don't seem to be able to make it six months without declaring bankruptcy these days. What does it mean? Where are we headed? The questions are many; the ansers are few. What is certain is that we should all keep a careful eye on the news to see whether your frequent flyer credits are in jeopardy. In recent years I've tried to consolidate mine to maximize the rewards, but it's beginning to look more and more like Russian rouletter. I suggest you read Navigating Turbulent Skies in The New York Times' Practical Traveler section. And furthermore, I suggest you start figuring out how to use your miles before it's too late. I'm going to!

St. Michaels, Maryland: Eastern Shore Travel

Today's New York Times Travel story about St. Michaels, Maryland immediately grabbed my attention. Aside from enjoying a virtually lifelong love for the Eastern Shore and even locating a portion of the the novel that I'm gradually moving forward with, the article caught my eye for another reason. It opens, "grand estates sit alongside small communities of working watermen" and this quaint sounding picture is part of what distresses me about the Eastern Shore.

Nana Chen's Arresting Photographs

What are you doing tomorrow night? Will you be in or near New York City? If so (and even if not), you might want to see if there's any "jiggle room" in your schedule. Tomorrow night, Thursday, September 30, the Agora Gallery will be hosting a reception for the opening of several new world class artists including our very own travel editor, Nana Chen. That's right, she has yet another NYC gallery showcasing her captivating work! You don't want to miss Nana Chen's arresting photographs, one of which may even be familiar to you from her story about traveling in Jaisalmer.

Lake Champlain's Underwater Treasures

MSNBC - Lake Champlain's underwater treasures: Newsworthy spotting! Check out this article about historic wrecks in Lake Champlain. The great looking photograph at the beginning of the article is a recently completed reproduction called the Lois McLure which I saw this summer. A beaut, to be sure! Lake Champlaina is in Margaux Europe Group's backyard, and the wreck of the "Champlain", named for this great lake, is sunken just off the point of our harbor... Check it out.

e-Marginalia Emoticon Primer

Okay, okay, okay... The question has started to resurface, "How can I add emoticons to my comments?" The easy answer is that you can use the popup toolbar available from the comment interface. When you are adding a comment, look for the little blue question mark right after the word, "Comment" which is written just above the field where you type your clever thoughts. When you click on the blue question mark, a small window will pop open with the emoticons and a key to the HTML tags which are enabled for the comment application. All you have to do is click on the emoticon you want and it will add it into your comment. Of course, when you are editing the comment, you'll see the keyboard shortcut rather than the graphic. You can also add emoticons simply by typing the keyboard shortcut wherever you would like it. Here are the shortcuts:

e-Marginalia Travel Story Contest Update

Labor Day is just around the corner, the proverbial end-of-summer hovering and haunting the final days of layout and preparation for the launch of our new e-Marginalia Travel Story Contest. So despite the towering task list and the somewhat soggy/gloomy weather, I'm going to throw on a pair of swim trunks and head out for a quick waterski! But after a revitalizing slalom or two, I'll be back at my desk, fine-tuning the stories and photos for you. I promise...

Relief Riders International

Have you heard about one of the most exciting new organizations in the travel world? Relief Riders International is launching their inaugural excursion in Rajasthan, India between October 22 and November 5, 2004 for 15 lucky souls. Humanitarian volunteerism meets top-drawer adventure travel. You've got to check this out!
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