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Sports & Recreation

TrekEast: February in Florida with John Davis

Follow along as friend, naturalist, explorer, storyteller and uber-athlete John Davis undertakes TrekEast, a 4500-mile "journey for nature", sponsored by Wildlands Network. February 3, 2011 Key Largo, Florida.

TrekEast: John Davis provisions for the Everglades

Friends and colleagues join John Davis in preparation for the next leg of TrekEast through Everglades National Park. In this video they discuss supplies needed for their canoe journey.

America's Prettiest Towns: Lake Placid

Lake Placid, New York is rated one of America's Prettiest Towns

Next Stop: Nosara, Costa Rica

Witch's Rock Surf Camp

I guess you could say I got lucky. Or you could say we worked really hard doing something that we truly loved and believed in: SURFING.

However you look at it, Witch's Rock Surf Camp's story is a unique one and should be told. So where do I start?

Cycling with the vélo-flâneur

Photograph via

Costa Rica Diving Safaris

Eagle ray (Photograph via Costa Rica Diving Safaris)

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