Sports & Recreation

Sports & Recreation

Diving Costa Rica and Panama's Caribbean Coast

Bocas del Toro Sunset (via

Roll Over, Thor Heyerdahl, Here Comes the Plastiki

Poor winds delay Alinghi & BMW Oracle in America's Cup

Preparing for America's Cup (Photo via

Fly Fishing in Burgundy

For many, the mention of Burgundy evokes sensual memories of wine–earthy and complex–and gastronomic adventures among friends.

Spring Skiing Stratton and Whistler, Part I

My buddy, Chris, works in Burlington, Vermont for Burton, and each spring he heads off to Stratton Mountain Resort in southern Vermont for the US Open Snowboarding Championships.

Behind the US Open

2005 Snowboarding Championships in Stratton, Vermont

I'm soaking in the Long Trail House hot tub under a crystal-clear evening sky. It's Sunday, March 20, and—like the butter cream moon hovering above Stratton—I'm waxing slowly, shedding light but faintly, obliquely on my subject. Only, with the moon, it's picturesque, even… breathtaking.

Summer's End Hurly Burly

Awash in delegates, politicos, would-be-politicos, protestors, police, security details, and media for the 2004 Republican National Convention, Manhattan was the last place we wished to be, so we eagerly opted for a North Country Labor Day.
Graham Norton EffectLabor Day Lobsterfest is a long-standing tradition at the Westport Marina: a feast of lobsters, steamers and chicken bar-b-q; three nights of great live music; costumes and boat decoration; and one humdinger of an "end of summer" party.
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