Off to Bucharest, Romania?

Bucharest, Romania via trip

e-Marginalia at the beach!

e-Marginalia: Meander beyond the margin...

Sometimes a photo's enough without the description, don't you think?

Liechtenstein, Andorra, San Marino and Malta

Busking with Johnnie Mac

Johnnie Mac (didgeridoo) busking with a local musician in Prague. (Frugal Traveler)

Dream of the Toad


3 travel tips I wish I’d learned a lot earlier

How to find the gas tank on the rental car. For most of my car-renting life I’d just guess as I drove up to gas station—and usually, I’d guess wrong. I didn’t know that the little gas pump icon on the fuel gauge tells you which side the tank is on. Either there’s a little arrow pointing the way, or it’s on the same side as the hose on the icon.

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