Whether for recreation, work, education, volunteerism, wanderlust, health or faith, travel is the movement of a traveler (or travelers) from one location to another. Reasons, durations, distances and durations of travel are virtually infinite as are the means of traveling.

Luxury Adventure Travel?

Luxury and adventure travel - two elements that are not quite as divergent as mainstream opinion would have it. Swashbuckling adventurism traditionally having been the premise of the wealthy, this has been much less so in recent times, with adventure travel almost necessitating a degree of roughing it out. The genre of luxury adventure travel, however, combines the best of luxury with the spirit of adventurism.

Brits 'looking for adventure travel'

"We have become more adventurous, essentially," she [Frances Tuke] said.

In Transit

“Turbulence is normal,” I said, feigning more assurance than I felt as the plane banked and shuddered across the sky between Dhaka and Calcutta.
Jen-Pei and I had met while travelling across Asia and had fallen into a relationship, a result of the joy of discovery, loneliness and the forced intimacy of budget travel.

Haida Tales

On the southern tip of a windswept archipelago sixty miles off the coast of mainland British Columbia, lie the remains of a great civilization.

Tucked into a sheltered cove on the East Side of Anthony Island, the once thriving village of Ninstints (or Skuun Gwaii, or Sung Gwaii; there are many local spellings) is guarded by the last standing giants of the Haida Nation. Twenty-six totem poles carved by Haida masters stand in silent watch over the land.

In Search of the Holistic Vasectomy

Lake Lugu, in China’s Northern Yunan Province; home of the aboriginal Mosuo tribe, the last purely matriarchal people left in China. The Mosuo are best known for their practice of walking marriage, a form of poly-amoury in which the women – masters of the household – chose their lovers for the evening from among the men of the tribe. Children are raised semi-communally, taking the mother’s name and living in the mother’s home.

Discovering Italy's Wine Towns

After our first trip to Italy many years ago, my husband Fred and I fell in love with the country, and it has become our favorite vacation destination. In our earliest trips, we saw the many famous cities and sights that are on every tourist’s itinerary, but with each visit we ventured further off the beaten track. We soon discovered that meandering along country roads and stopping when we saw something that caught our interest offered unexpected rewards.

Naked Southwest

It was inevitable. Like falling in love again. Like sunrise after a long, dream-filled night. Like the sort of deep satisfaction discovered in a bowl of green chile stew after four years of Brie and foi gras! It was inevitable that my return to the Southwest after four years in Paris would rejuvenate me, no, would plunge me headlong into the thrill and dazzle of naked living…

Fly Fishing in Burgundy

For many, the mention of Burgundy evokes sensual memories of wine–earthy and complex–and gastronomic adventures among friends.

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