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A sybaritic day in Shanghai

Yunnan folk cuisine at Lost Heaven in Shanghai, China

Shanghai: pork xiao long bao

Xiao long bao
Steamed pork xiao long bao at Din Tai Fung in Shanghai, China

Carl Honore praises slowness

Kiyoshi Yamashita: Japan's Naked General

Kiyoshi Yamashita on Ebisubashi Bridge, 1955 (Photo from Wikipedia)

When in Paris...

Photograph via

Scanning through old emails before dumping/archiving this morning...

Biking across Lake Champlain

Photograph of bicyclists on Lake Champlain via

Friday Flaneur: Munching music

An earnest folk-singer, in cavernous Martin Place, competes with a “burger with-the-lot”, for the attention of lunch time strollers. Better were she a plate juggling sword swallower, than guitar player.

Flaneur (n). A person who strolls the city in order to appreciate it.
Are YOU a flaneur - a la Baudelaire or Sontag?

Staring Flâneur

"A little-known fact is that people wearing sunglasses never notice when you stare at them. Or, rather, you can’t see them noticing you, which amounts to the same thing: immunity to stare." (Georgia Love)

Michael Sorkin proves there's a raconteur in every flâneur

"In Twenty Minutes in Manhattan, Michael Sorkin, an architect and critic, makes like Jacobs and immerses himself in the rhythms and patter of the street. He has shaped his book according to the contours of his daily stroll across a dozen or so blocks of Lower Manhattan, from the top floor of his five-story Greenwich Village walk-up to his office in TriBeCa. Walking, Sorkin writes, is 'a natural armature for thinking sequentially,' providing opportunities for heady musings on all manner of city life. Yet his peripatetic narrative is anything but linear.

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