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What is immersion travel?

What is immersion travel, anyway?!?!

Good question. And one you can help us answer. You see, immersion travel means different things to different people: cultural immersion travel, eco/immersion travel, language immersion travel, extreme adventure travel, etc. It's most often a reference to how engaged you become during your travel experience, how authentic your travel experience is.

Memorable, Exhilarating Experiences

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In Search of the Holistic Vasectomy

Lake Lugu, in China’s Northern Yunan Province; home of the aboriginal Mosuo tribe, the last purely matriarchal people left in China. The Mosuo are best known for their practice of walking marriage, a form of poly-amoury in which the women – masters of the household – chose their lovers for the evening from among the men of the tribe. Children are raised semi-communally, taking the mother’s name and living in the mother’s home.

Amsterdam ...

And so we returned to Belgie only to be back out on the road within 24 hours ... The 150km drive to Amsterdam turned into a 200km trip due to a closed piece of highway and a road lacking signage. We travelled about 60km without any kind of reassuring 'Amsterdam' indicators ... ahhh like Belgium, it seems the Netherlands runs light when it comes to marking the way. We arrived at the hotel and caught the train into the city.

Ethical Travels

A sort of uncanny coincidence pertaining to responsible/sustainable travel. Yesterday morning I was listening to a podcast from Travel with Rick Steves called "Ethical Travels on a Green Planet". If you've never caught this show on NPR, you should subscribe to his podcasts. You can access all the archives too. Rick StevesAlthough we've been known to take a poke at the Rick Steves approach to travel now and again, his radio show is good, and he interviews great talent. But I found something a little ironic about an episode dedicated to ethical travel that started out with Steves taking a call from a traveler who chronicled a rather unscrupulous incident in Egypt. And voicing his enthusiastic approval!

10 Greatest Travellers of All Time

Aphra BehnIt seems rather subjective at best to rank history's top travellers, but this Independent article, "10 Greatest Travellers of All Time", grabbed my attention nonetheless. And frankly, even if the goal's a little overambitious, it's grounds for great debate.
"While there is some consensus about the greatest movie ever (Citizen Kane) and best pop record (Bohemian Rhapsody), opinion is divided on the top explorer. In a bid to discover the Orson Welles/Freddie Mercury of the travel world - and provoke a bit of healthy debate - Wanderlust asked a selection of experts to pick the person who they believe has most changed the way we travel. This is the final top 10, counting down to the best traveller of all time."
Here's who they came up with. Anybody you want to add?

Tips on Packing for Your Next Trip

So you are going on vacation, and you have all of your travel plans confirmed -- flight times, hotel check-in and check-out times, pamphlets and brochures on sightseeing excursions, and the travelers checks and passport have been tucked away in a safe place. What about packing, asks AP9 SimpleEscapes, a travel discount membership program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC? You now have to try and fit a week or two's worth of clothing, personal care items, and accessories into a suitcase -- all while making every effort to stay within your baggage and weight limits as directed by the airline. Have no fear. AP9 SimpleEscapes is here to offer you a few packing tips that are sure to ease the stress of packing so you can relax and enjoy your time

Smart Travel Tips for Quick and Easy Airport Experiences

Smart Packing for Today's Traveler by Susan Foster

A very busy summer air travel season is forecast, as rising gas prices send many families to their destinations by plane this year. Full flights are anticipated, making planning ahead essential. Packing expert Susan Foster, author of Smart Packing for Today's Traveler, offers these ten tips for smart family travel.

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