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Meet America's Best Young Chefs

Sue Zemanick (Credit:

USB Rechargeable Batteries

rechargeable batteries
USB Rechargeable Batteries (via Off Track Planet)

An Ann Arborite in Paris

I often take to wandering the city [Paris] toute-seule and although I do tend to find some really neat things, or things that I really didn't expect to come across (especially in the 16th) I still think that this a city of meeting up with people, of being headed to somewhere where a group awaits you.

America's Prettiest Towns: Lake Placid

Lake Placid, New York is rated one of America's Prettiest Towns

Paris Flânerie

It has been a wonderful Sunday, profitably spent achieving nothing in particular. I set off across the river with the vague image of lunch somewhere in the Marais...

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The Invention of Paris

The Invention of Paris
Eric Hazan's The Invention of Paris

Off to Bucharest, Romania?

Bucharest, Romania via trip

e-Marginalia at the beach!

e-Marginalia: Meander beyond the margin...

Sometimes a photo's enough without the description, don't you think?

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